We often get this question: « Can I register with PhotoScout if I’m not a Scout leader in Belgium?« . The answer is, of course, YES! As you know, « Scouts welcome and respect others ».

As its name suggests, PhotoScout was first conceived for scouting, simply because it was created in Belgium by a team of formers members of scouts. We immediately wanted to welcome all youth movement wishing  to share their memories in  an easy and secure way: if the methods and traditions differ, we all – Scouts or not – have the ambition to turn children and teenagers into responsible, active, critical and united citizens. 

Very quickly and with the magic of social networking quickly madePhotoScout known beyond borders, adn we count amoung our members Eclaireur.euses Iseaélites de France, Scouts and Guides from France, United Scouts of France, English Scouts from Belgium, … And we don’t intend to stop here!

If you’re ready to relive the unforgettable moments spent with your youth movement, then you’re going to love PhotoScout! Our camp photo sharing and scrapbooking platform is the perfect companion for camp leaders everywhere, whether they’re in France, Belgium, England, Switzerland or elsewhere.

Ready to create unforgettable memories and share moments of laughter, play and discovery with your pets and their parents?

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