What’s the best tool for sharing camp photos?

(Spoiler Alert : it’s PhotoScout, but ‘ll explain you why)

As an animator, you have roughly 4 ways of sharing your phootos:

1) Google Drive or Google Photos

2) A USB stick

3) We Transfer

4) PhotoScout (❤)

Since we’re being nice, we’ll take a closer look for you, using 4 carefully chosen criteria: safety, accessibility, durability and price.

  1. Google Photo & Google Drive 

Google Drive and Google Photo are great options for storing your data securely, but there are a few minor drawbacks to be aware of.

There’s a risk of hacking, so you need to take great care in configuring your accesses. Organizing your photos and files can be a bit laborious, but it’s worth it to keep everything in order.

Just one small detail to remember: unlimited storage is available, but there’s a chargeable limit.

2. USB stick 

USB sticks are a nice option, but let’s be honest, they have their own drawbacks.

They can be easy to lose or break, and transfer times can be long. And finding a computer with a USB port isn’t so easy these days!

3. WeTransfer 

WeTransfer is a popular photo-sharing option, but beware: it’s not suitable for long-term storage.

You can’t control who has access to your photos, because the link isn’t protected and sharing is time-limited. Not ideal for keeping lifelong memories of your scout camps!

4. PhotoScout 

Finally, I’ve saved the best for last: PhotoScout!

This photo-sharing solution has been specially designed for animators. With first-rate security and confidentiality, you can be sure that your photos are protected (access control and login/password identification).

You can easily upload and share photos from your smartphone, tablet or computer and organize them by Moment to share with parents.

Unlimited storage is FREE! The icing on the cake: you can even order a printed souvenir album as a bonus! What more could you ask for?

To sum up…

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