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As a host, you’ve got a lot to think about. Security and confidentiality are rarely prio number one … But it’s important to us! So, today, we’re giving you a quick, simple and effective rundown.

Before taking pictures…

… you have to have the right to do so, it’s called consent. It’s the permission of the person appearing in the photos (and in the case of minors, of their parents). This consent must be free, specific and informed. The best way to formalize parents’ consent is to have them sign an authorization to distribute photos of their child(ren).

PhotoScout’s tip: for those aged 12 and over, remember to have the scouts signed by parents as well. From this age onwards, the law considers them capable of judging for themselves whether or not they want their photos taken and distributed.

Once you have the photos…

Photos must only be distributed to a targeted audience (e.g. parents of the unit or section concerned), on a secure web platform with login and password. Photos must not be used for purposes other than those specified in the agreement signed by the parents.

PhotoScout’s advice: beware of 100% free offers where data is resold to third parties to finance the tool. If it’s 100% free, it’s probably because you (and your data) are the means of financing the platform.

Finally, you should always select the photos you publish carefully, and avoid photos that are degrading or humiliating, photos containing alcohol or cigarettes, or photos that include nudity…

In case of refusal of consent

Parents can refuse to give permission. To reassure them, it’s important to explain the context in which the photos are being taken and the purpose for which they will be used. For example, show them that they will only be shared with parents via a secure platform (and that they will not be used for commercial purposes)…

If someone refuses to have their photo taken or published, you must respect this right by deleting or anonymizing photos of them.

​​​​What if i share photos without consent?

Nothing happens… until a parent or a scout complains. They can then demand that the images of their child be removed. They can also ask for compensation for moral damages (and will have to go to court to do so). In any case, it’s no fun getting into this situation and breaking the bond of trust between you and your parents.

 And PhotoScout in there ?

PhotoScout scrupulously respects all this.

  • Parents access the platform via a secure link sent by the animators and are identified by login and password.
  • Section parents have access only to their children’s photo galleries.
  • We ensure complete data security and confidentiality.
  • As we said above, nothing is ever really « 100% free ». Our business model is clear: PhotoScout is financed by album sales. This means that no data or images will be used for anything other than photo sharing and album creation.

    In bonus

  • ​​​Everyone knows who has access to the photos (since each parent is identified by a login) and access can be removed.
  • A parent wishing to delete a photo can request this directly.

Here are some sites that will help you learn more about image rights:

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