Justin, your new partner on PhotoScout !

Here’s Justin Beaver, the newest recruit of the PhotoScout team! He’s here to guide you and accompany you throughout your experience on the platform. This little beaver is your personal PhotoScout specialist. He’ll provide you with plenty of tips so that you, your scouts, and their parents can make the most of it!

To learn more to help you at the right time

Curiosity might be a bad thing for some, but not for Justin!

When you create your account, your new sharp-toothed friend will ask you several questions. He needs to learn more about your unit and its organization, such as the number of leaders or participants, the dates of your camp, etc.

But don’t worry! If Justin wants to know all of that, it’s precisely to be able to guide you better and send you personalized reminders. He will personally take care of sending notifications at different key moments throughout your year based on the information you’ve provided.

His goal is to be your right-hand man in PhotoScout! He will efficiently coordinate your co-hosts, parents, and yourself in using the application. No need to hassle your co-hosts to upload their photos anymore, no need to notify parents when new photos are published… In short, as you’ve probably guessed, Justin simplifies your life!

I’m sure you’re dying to meet Justin. So go ahead and create a PhotoScout account for your section in just a few minutes!