How to tie a square lashing ? 

Today, we’re teaching you how to make one of the BASICS of construction in scouting, the lashing.

For millennia, this knot has been used by humans to assemble and fix several logs of wood together. This technique allows for the erection of wooden structures using only rope.

In scouting, we build trestles, fire tables, tables, benches, … and as you can imagine, if we’re talking about it today, it’s because knowing how to lash is crucial if you want to be useful in your constructions.

In addition to being strong and eco-friendly, once you’ve got the hang of it, lashing is super simple. And since a true scout must be able to lash perfectly, we’ve decided to teach you how to do it!

If you follow the different steps represented below, you should start to be able to make beautiful little lashings. But keep one thing in mind, knowing how to lash well comes with time, and above all, practice!

So take advantage of this tutorial to practice and impress your friends during your camp!

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