How to join a PhotoScout gallery using a code

Since its inception, the PhotoScout team has been constantly seeking improvements to its features, and changes are regularly implemented. One of the latest updates: the simplification of the invitation system!

From now on, access to galleries granted to parents and co-volunteers will no longer be transmitted through a (never-ending) link but through the use of an 8-character secret code.


You are the scout leader :

Don’t worry, it’s exactly the same! There are still two different codes (one for parents, the other for your co-volunteers). You can find them in the places indicated in red. Then, simply transmit them securely in your preferred manner.

This is only if you already have an account for your unit. If not, go ahead and create one!

You are a parent or a co-volunteer and you have received a code:

  • You don’t have a PhotoScout account yet

Click on this button and follow the instructions to create your account. You will be asked to enter the code you received directly so that you can access your gallery

  • You already have a PhotoScout account and you want to join a new gallery

It’s very simple. First, log in to your existing account using this button. Then, navigate to the « Galleries » section in the menu. There, you’ll find the list of galleries you have access to. To add a new one, click on the « Access photos from a new gallery » button at the top of the page and insert your code. And there you go, all done!


Scout leader : Among your staff, the leader who theoretically has the most authority and who is administratively responsible for your unit.

Co-volunteers : All the other members of your staff

Gallery : Space where a maximum of 800 photos can be uploaded, internally organized by customizable « moments » through written descriptions. Each gallery allows for the creation of ONE album that can be subsequently purchased by parents