What does the price of a Photoscout album include? 

  • The album: (paper, ink, cup, print,…)

  • The delivery (to one of the volunteer)
  • A donation for the section/unit (2 £ per sold album) 
  • A small profit for PhotoScout (otherwise we can’t continue to do what we do: offer you the opportunity to share your photos safely and for free – it’s our only source of income.)

What influences the price of a PhotoScout album?

The price of an album depends mainly on the number of pages.
The number of pages depends (mainly) on the number of photos (approx. 6 photos per page)

The price of a PhotoScout album is calculated as follows:
– A 40-page album (just over 200 photos) = £26
– Each additional page = £0.45

And for the ones who need a calculator to do complex multiplications, we’ve even made a table:

Number of pages Price of the album
40 26 £
50 30,5 £
60 35 £
70 39,5 £
80 44 £
90 48,5 £

That’s cute, but it doesn’t help you much, because our algorithm creates your album, not you. 

On the other hand, you can decide the number of photos in your album.

On average, our algorithm puts 6 photos per page, so you can use the table above to get an idea of the price of the album in relation to the number of photos:

Number of photos Number of pages Price of the album
215 40 26 £
275 50 30,5 £
335 60 35 £
395 70 39,5 £
456 80 44 £
516 90 48,5 £

If you’re a good calculator, you’ll see that the math isn’t right. What’s wrong?

Every page aren’t filled the same way

  • The cover page will have a single photo (usually a group photo)
  • On the back, no photo
  • We leave 2 blank pages at the end for autographs, notes, memories… In short, eveything that will make this you album