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Our story begins when our team, composed of former scouts, decided to turn back time and reminisce about the good old days when CDs were the norm for sharing camp photos. But honestly, who still has a computer old enough to read those things? Ah, technology!  

After conducting a survey among leaders, we realized that over 30% of sections were not sharing their photos due to a lack of suitable tools, and the majority were settling for Google Drive (until reaching the free storage limit). PhotoScout was born!

PhotoScout is the ideal solution for sharing memories of scout camps! We allow leaders to easily upload photos to the platform, securely stored, and parents can access them online. But that’s not all!

Thanks to our innovative algorithm, a camp souvenir album is automatically created and can be ordered online. We print and deliver it to the address of your choice so that your camp memories remain engraved in the minds of your campers.

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Behind PhotoScout is the Tribu team, which successfully developed the « family album that reconnects generations » used by several thousand families since 2016. Drawing from this experience, PhotoScout was built with the same attention to data security, customer service, and product quality. We are proud to offer a photo-sharing platform that combines the Tribu team’s experience and our passion for scouting. To learn more about the Tribu concept, visit : our website

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