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What is PhotoScout?

PhotoScout is THE platform that allows you to relive the highlights of your activities.
You’ll find all the photos from your activities there, and as a bonus, you can even order a souvenir album!

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How it works ? 

1. Invitation

The leaders invite you to create your account through a secure link. Consider it a VIP pass to discover all the photos from your camp(s)!

2. Admire the photos

Days full of adventure, moments of camaraderie, and even a glimpse of the souvenir photo album. Always just a click away.

3. Order an album

Printed and delivered to your leaders, who will hand it to you personally, probably with an autograph or a little note. The best way to cherish these memorable moments from your youth for a lifetime.
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How much does it cost?

Our platform is completely free for leaders, participants, and parents!
On PhotoScout, there are no hidden costs. You can browse photos shared by leaders for free.

How does PhotoScout fund itself?

We offer an optional album printing service.
Ordering a printed album on PhotoScout is the best way to preserve your memories, support our project, and your group.
For each album sold, we donate a portion of the profit to the group that created the album.

Why should your group use PhotoScout?

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Every parent has secure access to the photos

application photoscout photo scout

All your activities photos in one place

Photo scout plateforme application album

Lifelong souvenirs
You can order a great souvenir album!

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A portion of the profits goes back to your group.

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