« The Scout does his best », and that’s even more true when you’re a leader! So it’s always full of enthusiasm when you’re looking for ideas for Scout games… until you run out of inspiration. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us! Here are 3 ideas for outdoor games that require little or no equipment.

1. The slow run

This speed race will be won by the team that reaches the finish point fastest.

Each team member holds a hoop / square of cardboard / towel / … Lined up behind a line, the first members of each team must place their hoop in front of them, move around in it, before retrieving the hoop of the second member, which they in turn place in front of them. The first team member can then move into the second hoop, while the second moves into the first, and so on. You need to be quick and cooperative to move the hoops as quickly as possible. If a player leaves his hoop, or if two players are in the same hoop, the whole team must start again.

Variations: go back and forth, reduce the size of the hoop or cardboard, etc. to make the challenge more complicated!

2. Nature Alphabet

Each small group has to draw up an alphabet book using elements found in nature, noting them down on a sheet of paper.

Examples: B for Branch, E for Earth, …

Children have to use their powers of observation and knowledge to find as many items as possible in a given time.

Variations: by changing the playing field (forest, plain, park, etc.) and the season (spring, autumn, etc.), the elements found will not be the same!

3. Scarf catcher

Scouts are divided into 2 teams and placed on either side of a field, at equal distance from a scarf on the ground. Each team is given a number (which is shared by a member of the opposing team).

The volunteers position themselves at the side of the pitch, facing the scarf on the ground. They then call out a number, and the 2 players have to get to the scarf as quickly as possible, pick it up and take it back to their team. It’s a game of speed!

Variations: shout out several numbers at once, define a way of moving (hopping, bear-walking, wheelbarrowing in pairs, etc.), etc.

Feel free to be creative and adapt the rules to suit the age and personality of your Scouts. Have fun!

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