Your PhotoScout album is like a yearbook, allowing you and your scouts to capture unforgettable memories and remember them for years to come.

Here are some creative ideas to make your album memorable!


Choose the right cover page

Photo groupe scout - guide photoscout

The choice of the cover page is crucial!

It is the first picture that will be seen once the album in hand, and it deserves a « WOW » effect. We advise you to choose a landscape format photo, which is more aesthetically pleasing, and of very good quality.

Add a picture of the camp site, a great group picture, an unforgettable sunset, … Everything is possible! 

Interviews and testimonials

Let the scouts participate to the creation of the album by asking them to write some descriptions of moments.

It is a great way to get an album just like them while giving them the opportunity to share their most memorable experiences and memories!

Scout financement Photoscout

Group pictures

Photo groupe scout - guide photoscout

We like the fact of creating special moments dedicated to sections picture or portraits. It gives the opportunity to every scout to appear in the album equally. Thanks to this, they can remember the faces of the incredible people they spent their days with.


Use infographics to share funny statistics and the camp « records » : weight of candies eaten, longest game, fastest and slowest to get ready, number of sponges to do the dishes, etc.

Frankly, if you’re going to go for stat’, they might as well be WTF!

Scout financement Photoscout

Games and riddles

Promesse camp scout Photoscout

Add some games, riddles or enigmas linked to the camp.

I advise you 1000x to ask your scouts for help. You can’t imagine how imaginative and moody they can be. Why not integrate this into a game during camp?

« Before/after » section

Upload pictures from the first and last day to see the physical and emotional change everyone went though (we’re talking, of course, about greasy hair, dark circles from good tiredness and cheeks reddened by the sun).

Of course, try to avoid uncomfortable pictures so we all keep a great memory of it without being ashamed.

Fin de camp scout - PhotScout

Inspirational quotes 

Baden Powell fondateur scoutisme photoscout

Include some inspirational quotes about team spirit, adventure, nature, friendship to add a motivation touch.

If you’re not feeling like Gandhi or Shakespeare, Pinterest is your new bestfriend! You can also ask for help and inspiration to the scouts (not sure of the quality)


Don’t forget to add a blooper section full of funny pictures and amusing camp anecdotes.

It is the place to write running gags that made you laugh all day long (and may still make you laugh in 20 years’ time).

Remember, avoid compromising and ugly pictures… We don’t want to recieve any complaints in a few years, and we decline all responsibility if you choose not to follow this precious advise!

sac de couchage scout photoscout

A final word

Promesse camp scout Photoscout

Leaders and volunteers means a lot for the scouts! The last words can be a thank you part, your contact addresses (for when they grow up), the title of the camp song, running jokes, memorable moments, … enough to send scouts into a nostalgic tailspin!

In short, don’t hesitate to be creative and involve all participants in the creation of your PhotoScout album, so that it truly reflects the spirit of your scout camp.

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